Seller Representation

Our team represents sellers of all types of commercial real estate properties. We work to identify qualified buyers that will result in a successful sale of our client's properties. No matter how challenging the market may be, we are relentlessly helping our clients reach their goals.

Our Seller Representation Services

Our seller representation professionals market your property across a broad spectrum of touchpoints to increase exposure and maintain visibility. We highlight the strengths of your property to gain attention and respond quickly to inquiries to find a buyer for your property.


When selling land, we have years of experience in the development process, so we can properly position the asset for the highest and best use. We consider issues like detention, access, utilities, easements, etc., to build value and market the property.


Selling an investment property requires more than an attractive cap rate and a polished offering memorandum. We develop unique plans that present your investment property to diverse channels that access deep pools of active investors and real estate professionals.


If you own an improved property well suited for a specific set of users, we tailor our marketing approach to those targeted prospects who are most likely to understand the value in your turn-key solution.


Some non-traditional real estate can be difficult to value due to a limited pool of prospects. In some cases, we can reposition the asset, find a tenant, and create a passive income-generating investment property. That often increases the valuation. We enjoy finding creative solutions like this to achieve your goals.


For a fast-growing business, it may be detrimental to have excessive equity tied up in the real estate. In these cases, we can help extract that equity through sale-leasebacks to help you reinvest in your business.

Grawood Commercial Leads the Way

Our multi-disciplined approach and local market knowledge helps structure innovative approaches to unique commercial real estate requirements.







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Our Process

You need a professional by your side who will fight for your property. We pay attention to the details and communicate our progress as we uncover prospects with an interest in your property.

  • Defining Your Needs

    It all starts with a plan. We help identify the objectives that you require, and we create a plan around them.

  • Research & Market Information

    Our professionals undertake a complete analysis of your property to show how it compares to other similar assets in the area. Our market intelligence, professional contacts, and internal data are leveraged to assemble critical information about pricing, property enhancements and detriments, restrictions, and other matters that may impact the value and, by extension, your decision-making.

  • Leveraging Network & Resources

    We create robust marketing plans with our market intelligence to make your property as intriguing as possible. We market your property to our wide network of commercial real estate professionals, property owners, and investors.

  • Providing Advice

    While the decision is always yours, we support you during each step of the decision-making and negotiating process.

Industries We Serve

Our seller representation team can assist you in realizing the potential of your property by getting to know it inside and out, providing market knowledge, and using creative marketing strategies.

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Local, Regional & Institutional Investments
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