From planning and design to resource management, budget allocation, and more, our consulting services can help you keep the entire process efficient and on track. Our professionals assist you in delivering your project on time and within budget so that you can focus on your business.

Our Consulting Services

Our consulting services involve directing and organizing each part of the project life cycle from inception to completion to deliver the project on time and under budget. Grawood can assist with addressing many essential facets of a project, including cost control, scheduling, procurement, and risk assessment.


We can assist with determining whether a project meets your needs. Identifying issues before committing to a site is critical. Before you get too far, we help identify whether the project fits your goals.


Once you have decided to pursue a project, we can assist with assembling the team that will develop the preliminary designs, permitted plans, and value-conscious construction drawings.


The pre-construction phase involves putting together a roadmap for how the construction process should proceed, including resources, budgets, schedules, milestones, deadlines, etc.


Procurement encompasses coordinating the sourcing, purchasing, and transporting of materials and services needed to complete the project. This is particularly important with long lead time deliverables.


With proper preparation, planning, and oversight, we assist with helping the construction process move along smoothly and finishing successfully. We monitor progress throughout construction and adapt as problems arise.

Grawood Commercial Leads the Way

Our experience in development and general construction and our connections with local engineers, designers, architects, general contractors, and sub-contractors helps you structure a team that can help you deliver your project in a timely manner with a value-driven purpose.







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Our Process

Our professionals seamlessly and efficiently organize the delivery of your project

  • Defining Your Needs

    We research and develop a deep understanding of your requirements. Understanding this early is critical to developing accurate construction plans and specifications that can be delivered on schedule and on budget.

  • Research and Planning

    Proper construction oversight requires significant prior planning and forethought (i.e., feasibility studies, surveys, engineering tests and reports, prelim site plans and space designs, project schedules, budgets, etc.). We help provide the necessary level of prior planning to set your project up for success.

  • Leveraging Network and Resources

    Given our years of experience in multi-unit design, development, and general construction, our team has deep industry connections with engineers, designers, architects, general contractors, and sub-contractors who understand and appreciate our process. Our market intelligence also helps our clients with decision-making efforts related to costs and contractor selection.

  • Providing Advice

    While the decision is always yours, we support you during each step of the due diligence, planning, design, permitting, budgeting, and scheduling decision-making processes.

Specialized Consulting for Any Scope

Bringing quality leadership and direction to a project early in the process is the way to achieve success and avoid costly mistakes. Our team regularly communicates throughout the process to help the project stay on track and meet expectations.

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