Closed Transactions

TIRELINK - Retail Tenant Representation - Tomball, Texas

Grawood Commercial met the owner of TIRELINK through a shared business connection who recommended Patrick Graham. Patrick worked to understand the aspiration and vision of the owner and then set out to help TIRELINK expand their footprint. The leap from one location to two is a momentous step in the growth of any company. It can be both an exciting and stressful process filled with opportunities and risks that must be balanced against each other. We conducted market research and reviewed availability. We used our knowledge and experience in automotive site selection to help find a property that met the client’s requirements and budget. Our client elected to pursue the store in Tomball as their second location, which provided good market coverage away from their legacy store in Spring while maintaining an easy to manage geographic area for the owner. We successfully negotiated the critical terms that met the requirements of our client. It is always fun to see a brand take their first step and open a second location. Watch out for TIRELINK because they are growing places.