Closed Transactions

Sherwin Williams - Investment Seller Representation - Austin, Texas

Patrick Graham has a long-standing relationship with a great developer. This project epitomizes the length and strength of Patrick’s relationship with his clients. The developer had a site they had partially developed but there was some excess land remaining. Patrick considered options for the highest and best use of that remainder. He ran a void analysis and identified Sherwin Williams as a potential fit. Patrick prepared the market analysis and presented it to Sherwin Williams as a proposed build-to-suit. Sherwin Williams liked the location, and they were receptive to the financial terms presented by Patrick. The developer agreed as well, so Patrick negotiated the lease and secured an agreement that was acceptable to all parties. The developer had a long-term plan to keep this Sherwin Williams as an investment for about 10 years. After a decade had passed, the developer was ready to sell. Patrick partnered with a great local broker, and they found a buyer for the investment. This process evolved over a 10-year horizon with a plan that was executed just as originally conceived and achieved the client’s financial objective.