Closed Transactions

Reserve Salon & Spa - Retail Tenant Representation - The Woodlands, Texas

This was a retail lease assignment for one of Patrick Graham’s clients who is a territory developer for multiple franchise concepts in the health and wellness space. This project was a departure in that the client wanted to build a concept from the ground up. The concept was a beauty suite salon where individual stylists would lease private offices tailor-made for the stylists. The space had to accommodate enough offices to generate a return on investment for the client. It was also important that the space be in a high-end location with flexible hours of operation, so the stylists could come and go as needed based on their clientele’s appointments. It was also important to the client that they stayed in an affluent demographic and, specifically, the client wanted to be in The Woodlands. We conducted market research and reviewed availability. The Woodlands is a tight market with difficult design criteria, approvals, and visibility restrictions that all must be navigated. After reviewing options, our client elected to pursue a space in Creekside Park Village Green which is a premier mixed-use development. Creekside Village Green offers a great mix of retail, restaurants, office, and shopping, which was what the client was after. We negotiated terms for a large space perfectly positioned on the Village Green courtyard with great visibility. The space was built out with high-end finishes and became a great destination for high end stylists in the area.