Closed Transactions

Owner Occupied Warehouse - Buyer Representation - Houston, Texas

Patrick Graham’s client, Davis Industries, is a commercial general contractor that has been in business for over 20 years. During the first 15 years of operation, Davis Industries leased office and warehouse space from a landlord. This was not a great situation for the client because they had multiple spaces spread around in different buildings which made it difficult to logistically coordinate labor, supplies, and equipment for their projects. Patrick Graham worked with the owner and discussed options to streamline their facilities into one location. More importantly, this presented an opportunity for the owner to acquire a property and lease it back to himself. This owner-occupied strategy would offer the owner more control over his occupancy, potentially lower income taxes through accelerated depreciation, and a tremendous wealth building opportunity. We defined the client’s specific needs and requirements, researched available options, leveraged our network of contacts, and provided advice on the strategy. We found a great building that met all the requirements. The property was located just off 290 which provided easy access for the crews to manage all the jobs across Houston. In addition, the warehouse was in shell condition, and we were able to negotiate an as-is delivery at a reduced price. This allowed the client to build out the interior of his space exactly as he needed it at a reduced cost. The client has grown his business and increased wealth through debt reduction and property value appreciation. This was a true win-win that made since for both the individual as an investment and the business as a base of operations.