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Oak Pointe CoWorking - Office Buyer Representation - Spring, Texas

Many of our clients are local business owners who are tired of being tenants paying rent to a landlord. It pains them each month as they write rent checks to someone else. In some cases, it makes sense for a tenant to transition to an owner-occupied building, but it is not always the right choice. Many factors must align for the decision to make sense for both the business and for the individual owner as a personal investment. We help our clients compare those options and discuss what's in the best interest of the business and if it makes sense for the owner to lease space back to their operations. When those competing interests align, having a business occupy real estate that the business partners own, can be a great way to build wealth. We represented a husband and wife who owned two separate businesses. We went through all the options and worked with them for over a year to find just the right option that checked all the boxes and met all the needs for both their businesses and that made sense for them as investors. They acquired the property and leased it back to themselves and leased the remainder of the building to other tenants. This was a case where the owner occupying the real estate made sense for all parties involved.