Closed Transactions

Jimmy Thompson State Farm - Tenant Representation - Conroe, Texas

Successful State Farm agents may be granted an opportunity to open a second and sometimes third office. Jimmy Thompson is a great agent, so it was no surprise when he was approved to open a second agency in Conroe, TX. Jimmy called Patrick Graham to help with the site selection process because Jimmy had to move quickly to secure a space. Patrick acted fast and pulled all relevant options and discussed how they compared to each other. Jimmy and Patrick toured the market and visited several properties. Patrick drew upon his relationship with a local developer who was building a new project on Highway 105. The site was well positioned and provided great spacing between several existing State Farm agents in the surrounding area. The concern with the space was that it was new and in shell condition, but Jimmy needed a space that could be ready as quickly as possible. In two weeks, that space was secured, a lease signed, plans were worked on simultaneously with the developer, permits issued, and construction started. Jimmy was able to meet his tight deadlines and he opened his new agency on time. This was only possible with great teamwork and communication with all the involved parties. Jimmy opened his second location and is now a proud Multi-Office-Agent ("MOA"). It is often difficult for small business owners to get quality commercial real estate representation. Commercial real estate brokers avoid small tenant representation assignments because the fees are not significant, but the deals take an equivalent amount of effort as a larger transaction. A core value for Grawood Commercial is that any job worth doing is worth doing right. We follow our core values when it comes to client representation, which means we stand up for small business owners and provide them with quality representation. Insurance agents often require small spaces with shorter terms to allow flexibility. We have represented many insurance agents and understand their business models. This knowledge allows us to better advise those clients and help them navigate the site selection process based on how they intend to market their agency. What works for one agent may not fit another agent's business plan. We listen, and we structure the site search criteria that aligns with the agent's vision. We're proud to have represented Jimmy, and we have enjoyed watching his MOA team’s success in Conroe.