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Jana Ferrante State Farm - Office Tenant Representation - Spring, Texas

It is often difficult for small business owners to get quality commercial real estate representation. Commercial real estate brokers avoid small tenant representation assignments because the fees are not significant but take an equivalent amount of effort. A core value for Grawood Commercial is that any job worth doing is worth doing right. We follow our core values when it comes to client representation, which means we stand up for small business owners and provide them with quality representation. New insurance agents often require small spaces with shorter terms to allow flexibility in the initial growth phase. Jana Ferrante was appointed as an agent in 77386. We worked with Jana and secured a space with low initial rent, a short primary term, and extension options, so she can start small, grow quickly, and adapt as needed in the years to come. We have represented many insurance agents. We understand their business models and help navigate site selection based on how they intend to market their agency. What works for one agent may not fit another agent's business plan, so we listen, and we structure the site search criteria that aligns with the agent's vision. We're proud to have represented Jana, and we have enjoyed watching her phenomenal success.