Closed Transactions

Hodges Collision - Land Buyer Representation - Houston, Texas

Hodges Collision is a long-term client of Patrick Graham. One of the body shops on TX-249 was doing well, and they wanted to expand, but they were land-locked. The neighboring tracts on either side were fully developed and the owner of the raw land in the back was not interested in selling. The only option was to relocate or to find a way to buy some land from the owner in the back. The cost to relocate was too high, so we set out to overcome the back neighbor's objection to selling. The lot in the back had an agricultural property tax exemption and the owner was concerned about losing that exemption if they sold too much land. We helped our client acquire just enough land so the owner in the back felt comfortable that they would not lose their ag exemption. The Seller kept their ag exemption and Hodges Collision acquired 17,511 sf of much needed additional land for future expansion. This was a small transaction, but it was critical for the client. We put our client’s needs ahead of our own and invested the time, energy, and effort to resolve the client’s problem and thought outside the box to discover an option that worked for everyone.