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Brake Check - Land Tenant Representation - Houston, Texas

As part of our long-standing representation of Brake Check, we help them manage the process of negotiating renewals on their leased properties. Having been in business for over 50 years, some legacy Brake Check stores were built on long-term ground leases. When those sites come up for renewal, they are often located on irreplaceable dirt that has their use grandfathered in, so it is sometimes difficult to negotiate agreeable terms. This was the exact scenario for a Brake Check store located on a highly desirable property on the inner 610 South Loop in Houston. We researched options and found a nearby pad that could be developed as a replacement location, but Brake Check preferred to not invest in new construction. The client’s preference was to renew on reasonable terms with some tenant improvement contribution coming from the Landlord. The building was over 30 years old and in dire need of interior and exterior renovations. Patrick was able to negotiate a generous rent abatement with a long-term renewal which allowed Brake Check to remodel the interior and exterior façade. This met all of Brake Check’s requirements and allowed them to get a fresh-looking store with minimal investment while securing occupancy on the South Loop for years to come.