Closed Transactions

Brake Check - Land Buyer Representation - Schertz, Texas

As part of our long-standing representation of Brake Check, we are always seeking new sites for them across Texas. With many successful stores throughout Central Texas and recognizing the growth taking place along the IH-35 Corridor between San Antonio and Austin, we identified Schertz as an opportunity. Patrick’s knowledge of Brake Check’s operations drove the site selection process to make sure sufficient traffic would reach the store. This meant identifying opportunities on IH-35. Some competitors had already entered this market but had positioned their stores on 3009 and had no visibility to IH-35 which Patrick recognized as critical. Patrick researched options and kept an eye out on the market. We toured the site multiple times over years seeking an option that would provide the access and visibility needed for Brake Check to succeed. One location was identified but it was a small taqueria that was not for sale. Patrick went into the establishment, met the owner, and over the course of a year continued to develop the relationship and in partnership with another great local broker was, after several years, able to convince the owner to sell. Brake Check acquired the site on great terms, demolished the old taqueria and built a new Brake Check on the site. The location has excellent visibility and access. It took patience, persistence, creativity, and teamwork, but we were able to secure Brake Check a great location.