Closed Transactions

Brake Check - Land Buyer Representation - Houston, Texas

As part of our long-standing representation of Brake Check, we are always seeking new sites for them across Texas. We identified a hole in Brake Check’s market coverage to better serve the growing Bridgeland area. We researched options and sourced available opportunities. It took in-depth research, but we were able to identify an opportunity to acquire a small pad with frontage on a highly trafficked roadway just off a main intersection. The small site presented a low-priced entry into the market which was critical for this option to work for the client. We did our research, reviewed site layouts and designs with Brake Check to make sure the site would work for their needs, and then we successfully negotiated terms for the acquisition of the pad. It took patience, timing, and hard work, but we were able to find an option that met all of our client’s requirements.