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Whether buying land to develop or an existing building for your business use, we work to find you the right site that will meet your needs as a business and make sense as a personal real estate investment. This can be a delicate balancing act, and we assist you in understanding how to manage those sometimes conflicting obligations.

Our Buyer Representation Services

Gain market insights from our buyer representation professionals.
Whether you are investing in commercial real estate as a private investor or as an owner-occupied user, we have the knowledge to help you navigate the process of acquiring the right property to accomplish your objectives.


When buying land, we have years of experience in the development process, and we can help guide you when comparing sites. You can draw upon that knowledge to consider issues like detention, access, utilities, easements, etc.


Buying an investment property requires much more analysis than a simple comparison of cap rates. We assist you in balancing income passivity, occupancy risk, relet costs, management expenses, etc.


If you own a business and are paying rent, does it give you heartburn every month when you write that check? If so, we help you understand your options and help evaluate lease vs. own. Structured correctly, owner-occupied real estate can be a means to build personal wealth.


Some non-traditional real estate can be under-valued and ripe with opportunity. These might include gentrified residential, car washes, RV parks, self-storage, old auto repair shops, etc. These specialty assets may have tremendous potential if repositioned. We can help you find these hidden gems.

Grawood Commercial Leads the Way

Our multi-disciplined approach and local market knowledge helps structure innovative approaches to unique commercial real estate requirements.







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Our Process

With our connections, expertise, and strategic knowledge, Grawood guides you through the buyer representation process to help you meet your unique real estate requirements.

  • Defining Your Needs

    It all starts with a plan. With a plan, you might avoid any issues derailing your investment. We help identify your required objectives and create a plan around them.

  • Research & Market Information

    Our professionals undertake a complete analysis of the available properties to show you a multitude of options. Our market intelligence, professional contacts, and internal data are leveraged to assemble critical information about pricing, property requirements, restrictions, and other matters that may impact your decision.

  • Leveraging Network & Resources

    We let our network of commercial real estate professionals, property owners, and investors know about your requirements and drive opportunities your way. We do not take a wait-and-see approach; our efforts are more direct and ground-level so we can uncover hidden opportunities.

  • Providing Advice

    While the decision is always yours, we support you during each step of the decision-making and negotiation.

Industries We Serve

We bring together an innovative approach that is data-driven, agile, and customized to suit your needs.

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Food Service & Retail
Insurance & Financial Services
Medical & Dental Practice
Auto Dealer, Service & Body Shop Repair
Recreational Vehicle & Storage
Individual Passive Income Investment

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